For elderly and disabled individuals, a bath may involve specific challenges. The floor can be slippery, and it can be challenging physically. Some normal bathroom products can make bathing unpleasant. But bath aids such as a shower stool make the bath feel more relaxed for individuals who have difficulty with independence. If you or your loved one is a falls risk, you need robust solutions that can function in the bathroom that are safe, stable and reliable.  A shower stool is the ideal solution for safer bathing for the elderly and disabled individuals.

Aquatec Dot Shower Stool can be used as a safer shower stool, and t will minimise falls risk in the shower. This shower Stool is built to be as flexible as possible for use at home or in a nursing home setting.

This shower stool  weighs only 2.5kg and is able to be dismantled for travel. It can be used in combination with the Aquatec Disc and adapter to allow for easier access and range of motion whilst showering.

Features of the Aquatec Dot Shower Stool

  • To have a comfortable seat, the seat has a high weight capacity and an extra wide surface.
  • To make it less slippery, the seat top is textured.
  • The seat surface is easy to turn.
  • The four rubber feet provide the flooring or shower tray with fixation and stability, and secure it.
  • The four rubber feet provide with stability, and secure the flooring or shower tray.
  • It can be disassembled for transport or storage.
  • It consists of a white stool top for the shower and 4 sets of aluminium legs, blue clips for connectors and blue rubber feet.


Aquatec Dot shower stool

  • Total Height: 50 or 55cm
  • Total Width: 46cm
  • Total Depth: 46cm
  • Seat Height: 55cm
  • Seat Width: 40cm
  • Seat Depth: 40cm
  • Weight Capacity: 125Kgs (19.5st)
  • Product Weight: 2.5kg
SKU 10-0104B