It comes with a Backrest, rear Foot Brakes & Slow Down Hand Brakes, rear carry Basket, adjustable Handlebar to 3 positions & removable internal Bag with handles.  Designed to assist walking you'll love this Trolley with a Grey weatherproof Bag

Shopping and Walking are made easy with a CARLETT Shopping Trolley complete with a weatherproof Trolley Bag, handy rear basket, and an Umbrella holder.

The LETT900 is feature-packed including Reflectors in its Wheel hubs for safety.

This 6 Wheel Push Trolley has the added benefit of being an approved Rollator for walking as well and sitting comfortably whilst out and about or doing the Shopping.

Our modern design 6 Wheel Trolley comes with a soft grip handle that is adjustable to 3 positions making it Ergonomic to use and easy to walk behind.

The LETT900 is a fully foldable Trolley whilst being lightweight.

The Trolleys Wheels will Glide effortlessly whilst supermarket shopping and are large enough to endure outdoor terrain such as Market Shopping or going for walks.

This folding Trolley is made suit all ages and abilities with a lightweight but strong aluminium frame that folds for easy storage with the Bag attached. 

The Shopping Trolley Bag is Removable for cleaning and will carry up to 15Kg. The Bags come in a range of colours and replacement Bags are available to purchase separately. 

The Trolley Bag is an eco-friendly alternative to Plastic Shopping Bags.

All Carlett Shopping Carts come fully assembled.


SKU 13-0003