A personalised and proactive digital companion, the SOFIHUB home, uses spoken word reminders to encourage positive living and adherence to health-related routines such as medication and appointments.

The system's primary function is to observe movement via motion sensors in a non-invasive way when irregular or no movement is detected family members are notified via SMS providing complete peace of mind.

Key features include:

  • Intelligent Messaging
  • Greetings
  • Medication Alerts
  • Call the carer function
  • Text to Voice Messaging



  • 1 SOFIHUB home + 8 Sensors
  • 4G Connectivity + WiFi
  • SOFIHUB portal Acces

Sofihub online web portal allows carers to check in at any stage to see how things are going also to adjust reminders and routines as needed.

Sofihub online portal can be accessed via a smartphone or a desktop computer and gives carers a complete overview of the resident’s wellbeing when needed,

From here reminders can also be created, amended, and deleted along with the unique ability to be able to send a live text to voice message when required.

*Sim card monthly charge is $25.00 which covers all sim data and monitoring software.






Size 95 x 95 x 230mm high
Power 240 Volt with battery with up to 4 hour backup
Speaker 105db maximum
Connectivity     4G Connectivity + WiFi



Size 45 x 45 x 40mm high
Power Battery-powered
Mounting           Self-adhesive mounting system
Battery     CR123A
SKU sofihubhome
Brand Sofihub