Heat helps to reduce nasal congestion and relieves soreness once the swelling is gone.

Perfect for dry eyes, allergies, headaches, painful sinuses, and puffy eyes.


Use hot therapy for muscle pain/spasms, joint stiffness, aches, and pre-workout activity and use cold therapy for sprains, bruising, inflammation, muscle strains/pulls and post workout activity

Color changing to visually alert you when your hot/cold pack is ready


Our TheraPearl Color Changing Hot + Cold Eye Mask is Perfect for:

Dry Eyes/Allergies


Puffy Eyes and More!


Dimensions: 9″ x 2.75″



THERA°PEARL Pack should be applied to skin for doctor recommended time of 20 minutes. Remove and wait at least 20 minutes. Reapply pack for 20 minutes, if needed.


Microwave for time indicated below and test pack temperature. Heat for an additional 5 seconds as needed until the desired temperature is reached and the pack is white in colour.


700 Watt Microwave: 18 seconds
1000 Watt Microwave: 15 seconds
1200 Watt Microwave: 12 seconds



Freeze for at least 4 hours until the pack is purple in color.


9" x 2.75" and filled with pliable gel pearls that easily conform to your body, even when frozen

SKU 50-0237
Brand TheraPearl