Try TheraPearl Pals for a fast, drug-free way to fix a boo-boo or soothe an insect sting. Calm and support these fun, kid-sized animal friends as they recover. Kids want to play so much with the packs they 're not going to worry or fidget!

Could be heated or frozen to alleviate all types of pain.

Ease the pain with Doctor-recommended therapy for 20 minutes.

Perfect for minor bumps, bruises, and insect bites

Use hot therapy for muscle pain/spasms, joint stiffness, aches, and pre-workout activity and use cold therapy for sprains, bruising, inflammation, muscle strains/pulls and post-workout activity.


3.5" x 4.5" and filled with pliable gel pearls that easily conform to your body, even when frozen

SKU 50-023
Brand TheraPearl