Designed as an alternative to crutches, the Knee Walkers greatly improves the quality of life by giving the patient more mobility, stability and comfort with less effort, allowing the patient to get up and around and back to a near-normal life-style. Increased user weight capacity to suit user requirements.

A knee scooter is a four-wheeled mobility device designed to support the shin or an unusable limb, using the opposite foot for handlebar propulsion.

The knee scooter is ideal for those who have a leg brace or are needed to restrict their movement on a particular joint. A knee scooter is an alternative to the crutch, making it the perfect solution for those recovering from knee surgery, a sprained foot, or a diabetic ulcer.

On a knee scooter, you can move much faster than crutches or a wheelchair that restricts the use of your hands. Travelling longer distances on a knee scooter is much easier and more intuitive, with inertia allowing you to go further with less mechanical momentum input.

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  • Knee pad height: 50 cm - 62 cm (25 mm increments)
  • 4 x solid 8" wheels
  • Handle height: 88 cm - 103 cm (25 mm increments)
  • Lockable handbrakes
  • Product weight: 12 kg
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 200 kg
SKU 15-0207b