The Otto Bock Start M2S is the entry-level model of the Start series. It is the first one in this product family, but with its design, it is definitely more than just a basic chair. No steel components are used, and the frame design is identical to that of the other third-generation Start models. Fast availability is a matter of course with the Otto Bock Start Intro.

However, a look at its appealing design shows that the lightweight wheelchair is far from just a basic chair. In combination with the black pads, it is modern and unobtrusive at the same time. Of course, the Otto Bock Start Intro can be just a few steps to a narrow measure of fold and easy to transport. This way you are, wherever you go mobile. The hook and loop tape prevents the wheelchair from accidentally opening. Your accompanying person will benefit from the many advantages of the Otto Bock Start Intro:

  • The integrated tip assists the tilting of the wheelchair easier to negotiate stairs
  • High security: even the basic features of the Otto Bock Start Intro are characterized by high functionality

The chair is equipped with split, pivoted-away footrests. In addition, the side panels are equipped with height-adjustable armrests, so you can always comfortably support them. The Otto Bock Start Intro is special at the start so that it can be adapted effortlessly to your personal body size and individual needs. As you select the correct seat width, we present the seat depth, seat height and a corresponding drop in default. If required, your rehab technician to change the settings with a few simple steps, so you are always optimally positioned and supported. The back height is 42.5 inches set fixed. 20 variants of the model are ready for delivery, the selection is made with a simplified order form. You just have to indicate the appropriate seat width and choose a variant, and the wheelchair will be delivered to you immediately.

  • The patented wheel lock requires a minimum actuating force
  • Rear wheels with quick-release axles make space-saving loading possible
  • The footrest holders can be swung away and removed
  • Individual, angle-adjustable lip-up footrests
  • The tip-assist is integrated into the frame
  • The side panel can be turned to the rear and removed for transfer
  • Different height settings of the armrests are possible
  • Aluminium tube frame
  • Individual footrests, angle adjustable, plastic footplate
  • Swing-away footrest holders
  • Desk side panel with armrest, different height settings possible
  • Seat and back upholstery of black nylon
  • Rear wheels with quick-release axles
  • Wheel lock
  • Frame colour: silver metallic
  • 24-inch rear wheel with PU tyre


  • Seat width: 40.5cm - 50.5cm
  • Seat depth: Preset to 43cm, can also be set to 40cm or 46cm
  • Back height:
    • Standard back: 42.5cm
    • Angle-adjustable back: 47.5cm
  • Front seat height: 49cm
  • Seat inclination: 3 degrees
  • Lower leg length: 31cm - 47cm
  • Weight from: 15kg
  • Maximum user weight: 125kg
SKU P-12186