Bring your competitive spirit for a friendly game of Animal Snap. Choose from three variations with different difficulty levels - Snap, Pairs, or Full House. The traditional game of snap requires each player to place a card on the pile. When two consecutive cards of the same animal are placed down, whoever yells ‘Snap’ first gets the pile. The player with the most cards at the of the game is the winner!


  • 3 x association games
  • 48 x cards in a pack
  • Vibrant colors support vision impairment
  • Instructions available in German, French, and Spanish

How to play:
Players take turns selecting a card that states how many places they must move. Ladders will provide a boost around the board, but watch out for those pesky snakes that will send you backward. The original rules of Ludo require a player to be sent back to the beginning of another player lands on their square however, you can adapt the rules as required.



Product Code: 58- 0261

Dimensions 13cm x 10cm x 3cm

Material Card

Care instructions:
All of our products are designed to last. Simply wipe all elements down with a damp cloth for a fresh beginning for the next round.

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