-The Theramed Pommel Cushion is designed to assist with hip abduction and to provide excellent pressure distribution for those who require moderate support while using a wheelchair.

-The product is suitable for low to medium comfort requirements, If there is high risk prevention then we recommend looking at more specialised cushion and air distribution cushions. 

-Optimum comfort levels: Like the Diffuser Cushion the Theramed Pommel Cushion is 7.5cm thick and is a sandwich of memory foam on top and bottom with traditional foam located in  between. The product will provide excellent support, comfort and longevity to provide the support you require.





42cm wide x 44cm deep x 7.5cm high



100% open cell 'breathing' urethane foam and visco-elastic Memory Foam.

Steri-Plus Cover


Moisture and bacteria-resistant polyurethane ply bonded to a knitted polyester backing.
SKU 60-902
Brand Thera-med