The opal Full Shell Walker provides full foot and ankle protection with the added benefit of pneumatic support. Moisture-wicking breathable soft lining and the injection moulded shell is vented to promote increased airflow. Adjustable toe plate provides increased protection for the toes, and flex tabs around the proximal trim lines help to increase comfort. Designed to stabilise the ankle at 90° to promote healing. Designed to immobilise the foot and ankle following stable foot or ankle fracture, severe ankle sprain, post-surgery application, soft tissue injuries, and when swelling is present.


Size Womens (US) Mens (US) Footbed Length (cm)
Small 6-8 4.5-7 26.5
Medium 8.5-11.5 7.5-10.5 28.5
Large 12-13.5 11-12.5 30


Brand Oapl