The Jobs Conversation Game is a cognitive stimulation activity for dementia, designed to spark lively conversation and debate around the topic - you guessed it - jobs! Engaging discussions are inevitable when people begin chatting about what they enjoyed (or didn't) about their jobs. Is being a hairdresser harder than being an accountant? Did you once have a friend who was the local baker and used to sneak you baked goods?

Designed and researched alongside people in the early to mid stages of dementia, the tiles, and large dice are easy to handle, and the jobs featured are reminiscent of earlier times. The idea of using cognitive associations is to discover more about the thoughts and opinions of those around you, whilst stimulating the mind. Careers form a large part of our identity, and in discussing past jobs we encourage a sense of pride, purpose, and joy in people with dementia.

Key product details:

  • 1 x large wooden conversation dice: 40mm x 40mm
  • 24 x job tiles: 70mm x 25mm each
  • Cognitive stimulation activity
  • Unlocks personal stories
  • Strengthens personal connections
  • Instructions provided

How to play:

  • Roll the dice and follow the instructions 
  • Pick 3 tiles, which is the odd one out
  • Then select the tiles at random and discuss
  • If players are unable to make links they can also compare word length, and lettering, or make their own associations.


Product Code: 58- 0263

Dimensions: 6cm x 5cm x 13cm

Material: Plastic

Care instructions: All of our products are designed to last. Simply wipe all elements down with a damp cloth for a fresh beginning for the next round.

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