Finally a Full Body Support for Pregnancy, Side Sleeping, and GERD

The Side Reliever Support Pillow is a full-body support pillow designed to give comfort and elevation while at the same time molding to your shape. The Side reliever is designed to take pressure off your back and ribs and will help to relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

Integral to the design of the product is the low indent/curve that allows your arms to rest and your shoulders to sink into the pillow which will reduce any pressure points while you sleep. The angle the pillow puts you on will maximize comfort for those in the third trimester of pregnancy when sleeping on your side is integral.

Two-part construction for Maximum Support and Premium Comfort

The Theramed Side Reliever is made using a base of high-density traditional foam designed to give your body the comfort and support that it needs. The traditional foam will prevent flattening and hollowing out of the product for ongoing support.

On top of this high-density foam core is a layer of memory foam designed to allow you to mold into the product for maximum comfort in the side sleeping and resting position.

Please note this is a non-returnable item so please choose carefully.


  • TGA Listed: Yes
  • Length: 120cm
  • Width: 70cm
  • Contour: 20cm
  • Dip in contour: 18cm
  • Quilted Cover: Cotton with Polyester Wadding
  • High Contour: 31cm at maximum height.
  • Optional Tailored Slip: Poly/Cotton
  • Country of Manufacture: Australian Made


SKU 60-907