The Theramed Hand Elevation Support is designed to give effective and comfortable hand support with no impact to the user. It an be used when lying down or seated to raise the hand and is an effective tool for relief after hand surgery, finger surgery, thumb surgery and wrist surgery. Easy to handle, adjust and light weight. 

Fully Adjustable and Easy to Maintain:

The Theramed Hand Positioning Support is completely adjustable and the user can remove filling to lower the angle to the position or elevation that best suits user. 

The SteriPlus cover is easy to wipe clean and is suitable for a multitude of uses. 

Simple, Comfortable and Effective.:


- Gives comfort after hand surgery and wrist surgery by elevating your your hand and wrist. 

- Elevation should lessen any hand pain and wrist pain by encouraging blood flow naturally through gravity benefits of raising.  

- Benefits should be seen in a number of cases

- Post hand Surgery for hand surgery recovery. 

- Post wrist Surgery for wrist surgery recovery.

- Scaphoid surgery for scaphoid recovery.

- Arthritis hand pain for arthritis pain management. 










Polystyrene Balls


Country of Manufacture


Australian Made








SKU 60-916