Bedside commodes offer convenience for people who are unable to travel to the regular toilet due to mobility issues. When placed in a bedroom they allow for discreet toileting, with or without assistance.

Key Features/Benefits 

  • Padded seat, padded armrests, lift-back toilet seat and removable commode bowl
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Padded seat cover slides back easily for access to commode
  • Three sided vanity skirt conceals commode bowl


Here are the benefits of using a bedside commode:

Bedside commodes provide a convenient and accessible toileting solution for individuals with mobility challenges, such as the elderly, disabled, or those recovering from surgery.

Prevents Falls:
Using a bedside commode reduces the risk of falls and accidents that can occur when individuals with limited mobility attempt to navigate to the bathroom.

Bedside commodes empower users to maintain their independence and dignity when it comes to personal hygiene and toileting needs. They can use the commode without assistance or the need for transfers.

Many commode chairs are designed with padded seats and armrests for added comfort, making them more comfortable to use for extended periods.

Commodes often feature sturdy frames and non-slip rubber tips on the legs, ensuring stability and safety when sitting down or getting up.

Most commodes come with a removable pail or bucket, making it easy to collect and dispose of waste. This promotes cleanliness and hygiene.

Some commodes can serve multiple purposes. They can function as a bedside commode, a shower chair, or even a raised toilet seat, providing versatility in various situations.

Bedside commodes are usually lightweight and equipped with wheels or casters, making them easy to move and position where needed, whether in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

When not in use, a bedside commode can work as a standard chair saving space in the bedroom.

Bedside commodes are useful during rehabilitation after surgery or injury when mobility is temporarily limited. They can help users regain strength and independence.

Nighttime Convenience:
Having a commode nearby is particularly convenient during the night, reducing falls risks, as there are less trips to the bathroom in the dark.

Caregiver Assistance:
For caregivers, bedside commodes make it easier to provide assistance to individuals who need help with toileting, bathing, or other personal care tasks.


Width between Arms                    65cm
Seat Height                                       30cm-54cm
User weight                                      200kg

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