The Barwon lift recliner offers comfort, is highly customizable, and can be customised in a variety of ways. With a single head roll and twin back rolls, it has a three-roll back.

  • Mini to suit height ranges between 122cm (4’10”) to 1.57cm (5’2”)
  • to suit height ranges between 157cm (5’2”) to 173cm (5’8”)
  • B to suit height ranges between 173cm (5’8”) to 180cm (5’11”)
  • C to suit height ranges over 180cm (5’11”)


Features of Barwon Lift Recliner 

Single Motor

  • Full length upholstered arms
  • Wall saver Mechanism
  • Highly Customisable
  • Extensive range of modifications
  • Three Roll backrest
  • Rated to 130KG
  • DVA and TAC Approved
  • Australian Made

Dual Motor 

  • Independent footrest and backrest functions
  • Lies Fully Flat
  • 4 button handset



Download Brochure - Barwon Lift Recliner