Fits under the mattress on either side of the bed. Includes return handle. Powder-coated white steel.

A bed stick, also known as a bed rail or bed assist rail, is a device designed to provide support and assistance to individuals while getting in and out of bed. These devices offer several benefits, especially for people with mobility issues, elderly individuals, or those recovering from injuries.

Some of the key benefits of a bed stick include:

Fall Prevention: 
Bed sticks can help prevent falls by providing a stable and secure handhold for individuals to grasp when entering, repositioning or exiting the bed. This is particularly important for people with balance issues or limited strength.

Increased Independence: 
Bed sticks allow individuals to maintain a level of independence in activities of daily living, as they can use the rail to support themselves while getting in and out of bed without needing assistance from others.

Safety and Security: 
Bed sticks provide a sense of security and safety, reducing the fear of falling during transfers in and out of bed. This can improve overall well-being and confidence.

Rehabilitation Aid: 
For individuals recovering from surgery, injury, or illness, bed sticks can be a valuable tool in the rehabilitation process, making it easier to move and reposition themselves.

Ease of Use: 
Bed sticks are typically easy to install and adjust to the desired height. They are also straightforward to grasp, making them user-friendly for individuals of varying abilities.

Support for Caregivers: 
Bed sticks can assist caregivers by reducing the physical strain and effort required to help someone in and out of bed. This can help prevent caregiver burnout and injury.

Many bed sticks are designed to be adjustable and can be used on different types of beds, including standard, hospital, and adjustable beds.

Temporary or Permanent Solution: 
Bed sticks can be used as a temporary solution during recovery or as a permanent addition to the bed for ongoing support, depending on the individual's needs.


SKU 14-0304SQ
Shipping Weight 3.0000kg
Shipping Width 500.000m
Shipping Height 1000.000m
Shipping Length 1000.000m