By combining a lightweight and comfortable ROHO(r) AIR FLOATATION(tm) cushion with a pre-contoured foam base, encased within a moisture resistant cover, you can maximize abilities, independence and freedom without the worry of adding unnecessary weight to the mobility system. Finding a cushion that reduces discomfort, matches the users shape and addresses today's challenging funding climate, shouldn't be difficult. Think HARMONY from The ROHO Group. Lightweight: Don't limit function with a heavy wheelchair cushion. Consumers will spend thousands of dollars to shave a few pounds off of a wheelchair, and then disregard how the cushion impacts the weight of the entire mobility system. A heavy mobility system can limit function and increase the potential of long-term shoulder damage. At a lean 1.5 lbs 0.7kg), the HARMONY Cushion adds minimal weight to the entire mobility solution. Stability: Stability builds a foundation of function. If the wheelchair user is struggling to achieve balance or stability they may have difficulty achieving functional goals. The HARMONY cushion is built on an anatomically shaped, foam platform that enhances the user's seated stability and helps them maximize their functional potential. Comfort: Many times comfort is dismissed as a luxury, but comfort and function go hand in hand. The HARMONY includes a ROHO AIR FLOATATION Cushion positioned over the foam base that provides a shape fitting interface, reducing discomfort through enhanced blood flow and achieving longer sitting times.

  • ROHO AIR FLOATATION Cushion: Reduced Discomfort
  • Pre-Contoured Foam Base: Stability / Ease of Transfer
  • Lightweight: Increased Mobility & Function
  • Washable: AIR FLOATATION Support Pad may be cleaned with soap and water. Moisture-resistant cover is machine-washable
  • Includes: HARMONY Cushion Base, AIR FLOATATION Cushion Overlay, cushion cover, operations manual, pump, & patch kit
  • Construction: Specially formulated polyurethane die-cut foam base, polyvinylchloride AIR FLOATATION Cushion Overlay, flame and moisture resistant cover



  • Wide range of sizes to fit chairs:
    • 14x16 inches
    • 16x16 inches
    • 16x18 inches
    • 17x16 inches
    • 17x17 inches
    • 18x16 inches
    • 18x18 inches
    • 20x18 inches
  • Weight: Varies by size, approximately 1.5 lbs. / 0.7kg
  • Weight Limit: 250 lbs. / 113.4kg
  • Warranty: 12 Month Limited
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