Superb leg support to elevate and soothes aching legs, and to aid circulation.

Recommended for:

  • varicose veins
  • swollen feet and ankles
  • tired legs
  • during pregnancy
  • convalescing
  • heart conditions
  • Patented design features six options to cater for people of varying height and physique, and for chairs/couches of differing heights


  • Even Weight distribution means no pressure or stress on heels and knee joints
  • Design will not cause tension in the sciatic nerve
  • Elevates the legs to relieve vascular drainage, reduces swelling in lower limbs
  • Diminishes the load on the heart through gravity assistance to circulation
  • Alleviates strain on lower back by supporting lower limbs, takes pressure off discs
  • Conforms to accepted postural design criteria
  • Looks good, feels good. Portable


SKU P-11833