Family Pillow's mild contour provides gentle support, cradling the head and neck evenly to encourage the natural curvature of the spine through the night. Helps induce restful sleep. The Family Pillow features :

  • Two part construction
  • Top layer of slow recovery 'eggfoam' designed to diffuse pressure on the neck
  • Base of heavy-density premium quality foam which cushions and absorbs movement
  • Cushions & comforts with even neck support
  • Super-soft luxurious eggfoam surface diffuses pressure
  • Deluxe pillow base makes for continued comfort and support. Holds its shape!
  • Classic contour supports your neck
  • Family Pillow has a size to suit every physique & sleeping position
  • Family Pillow is a high quality eggfoam topped pillow that cares for your family through the night
  • High quality contour pillow featuring super soft, pressure diffusing eggfoam surface and premium density base


  • Junior profile: 38cm wide x 55cm long x 9cm and 8cm high
  • Low profile: 38cm wide x 55cm long x 11cm and 10cm high
  • Medium profile: 38cm wide x 55cm long x 13cm and 12cm high
SKU P-11988