The perfect hip protector for those who may need to suddenly and quickly use the toilet - no fumbling! The sleek brief design allows the HipSaver Open-Bottom to fit nicely under regular resident's underwear or can be worn alone. Available with regular waistband or Velcro(r) waste closure and adjustable Velcro(r) leg band. Requested by nursing staff who saw a need for residents to have a garment that permits easy toileting, the open crotch design is perfect for residents with urge incontinence or challenges in getting clothing on and off. HipSaver(r) Open Bottom is a 24 hours a day protection system that allows a resident's familiar underwear and incontinence aids to be worn over the top of the protectors. Ideal for Parkinson's sufferers as they reduce accidents due to "fumble factor"

  • Soft, thin (13mm) pads, tapered for protection with style
  • Ultra-soft cotton-Spandex(r) for comfort & smooth fit
  • Not tight or binding
  • Can be worn 24 hours a day, even when sleeping
  • Fully machine washable and dry able, even at high temperatures
  • Sizes from XS to XL for a proper fit
  • Contains no skin irritants or latex


Hip Measurement

  • Extra Small: 70cm to 81cm
  • Small: 82cm to 92cm
  • Medium: 93cm to 102cm
  • Large: 103cm to 114cm
  • Extra Large: 115cm to 127cm
  • XX Large: 128cm to 146cm


Shipping Weight 0.3750kg