The Homecare Over Toilet Seat is designed with your comfort and safety in mind. With its adjustable height frame, sturdy handrails, it sits over the existing toilet, making it easy for your transfer on and off the toilet. It's the perfect solution for post-operative care, rehabilitation, Elderly care, and joint replacement recovery.

Here are the benefits in each context:

Post-Operative Care
Over-toilet seats are designed to provide a comfortable and stable seating surface for patients who have undergone surgery. This can be especially important after abdominal or lower body surgeries.
The armrests assist patients in sitting down and standing up from the toilet safely, reducing the risk of falls or injury.
Ease of Use:
The raised seat can make it easier for patients to lower themselves onto the toilet, which can be crucial when mobility is limited due to surgery.

Support and Stability:
Over-toilet seats with armrests and handrails offer added support and stability for individuals who are in the rehabilitation phase after an injury or surgery. This support can help them regain their strength and confidence.
Over-toilet seats are adjustable in height, making them suitable for individuals at various stages of rehabilitation and recovery.

Elderly Care:
Over-toilet seats can make it easier for elderly individuals to use the toilet, especially if they have mobility issues or balance problems   
Fall Prevention:
The handrails and raised seat can aid in fall prevention, reducing the risk of accidents in the bathroom.
Over-toilet seats can promote greater independence in personal hygiene tasks for older adults, enhancing their quality of life.

Recovery from Joint Replacement:
Reduced Strain:  
After joint replacement surgery, such as hip or knee replacement, individuals may have limited mobility and need to avoid excessive bending or straining. Over-toilet seats can raise the height of the toilet, reducing strain on the operated joint during toileting.
Assistance with Mobility:
The handrails on over-toilet seats can assist joint replacement patients in sitting down and getting up from the toilet without putting too much pressure on the newly replaced joint.
Pain Management:
By providing a more comfortable and supportive toileting experience, over-toilet seats can contribute to better pain management during the recovery process.

Overall, over-toilet seats can enhance comfort, safety, and independence in various healthcare settings, catering to the specific needs of patients undergoing surgery, rehabilitation, or aged care, as well as those recovering from joint replacement procedures. It's essential to choose the right type of over-toilet seat and adjust it to the individual's needs to maximize these benefits.

Always consult a Healthcare professionals who can recommend the suitability of an over toilet seat for a your specific clinical needs. 



  • Adjustable height raised toilet seat allows for safe ingress and egress when toileting.
  • Durable high grip feet for stability and safety.
  • Adjustable legs to suit a wide range of users.
  • Raised armrests assist the user in transferring on and off.
  • Width between the arms: 475 mm.


Overall Height 750 mm - 880 mm
Overall Width 525 mm
Overall Depth 340 mm
Seat Width 410 mm
Seat Depth 340 mm
Seat To Floor Height 440 mm - 570 mm
Safe Working Load 100 kg
SKU 12-0112