Experience the Great Outdoors with the New Ergo Lite Transit Wheelchair 

 The Ergo Lite 2 is an ultralight aluminium wheelchair with the ergonomic features of the Ergo Lite. One of the best lightweight options of Travel wheelchair. Transfer easily in and out of the wheelchair with the detachable swing-away footrest.

The Ergo Lite wheelchair is Lightweight, Safe, and Sturdy.  It boasts a sleek design that significantly reduces its weight, making it an exceptionally light Wheelchair. . Karma has managed to keep the wheelchair's weight down to an impressive 8.3 kg while ensuring safety and strength through an innovative double cross brace design.

Comfortable Seating Experience
The S-Ergo seat offers maximum seating comfort by promoting even pressure distribution, thereby minimizing the risk of the user sliding down and experiencing discomfort. It employs KARMA Technology through the  S-Ergo Seating System.  The S-Ergo Seating is globally patented in many countries. The seating provides the wheelchair user with basic pressure relief without having to purchase a foam cushion. While a foam cushion can be cumbersome and pricey, the S-Ergo Seating frame is lightweight and simple, offering the short-term wheelchair user an inexpensive option.

This modern wheelchair has undergone rigorous crash testing, making it suitable for use in cars and other modes of transportation when securely strapped down. The Ergo also features an 'easy-to-go' design that allows users to effortlessly stow the chair in a car. Equipped with brakes and locking pushing handles, the Ergo Lite is a highly comfortable and practical choice.


  • The Ergo Lite Deluxe weighs just 8.7kg. It has detachable footrest hangers and has the same Aegis microbe shield and shaped seat as the rest of the Ergo range.
  • The S-Ergo seat promotes pressure redistribution and helps prevent the user from sliding down the seat.
  • Despite the incredibly lightweight frame of the Ergo Lite Deluxe, the wheelchair has been built with the same strength and quality as the other Karma wheelchairs.

Detachable Swing-Away Footrests
Allows for easy transfer, on and off the wheelchair and detaches with no tools required.

Easy to Transport and Store
Convenient and suitable for elderly caregivers to take care of elderly users. Easy to carry out and fold for storage.

Desk-length Armrest Design
Allows the wheelchair user to roll closer to a desk or table.

AEGIS Microbe Shield
The upholstery is treated with Aegis microbe shield, which is approved by the FDA, EPA, EU, etc.. The anti-microbial upholstery inhibits bacterial and fungal growth, eliminates odour and is designed for easy cleaning. It is a shield for your health.



Sizes (width x depth)

41cm x 41 cm (16"x16")

46cm x 41cm (18"x16")







Total Width



Total Length



Seat Height



Backrest Height



Width (Folded)



Maximum User Weight




SKU 15-KM2512F14