Gutter crutches, also known as forearm gutter crutches or arm support crutches, offer several benefits over traditional underarm crutches, especially for individuals with long-term mobility needs.

It is designed for users with arthritis or those with an impaired grip. The padded forearm trough distributes a user's weight over a large support area. The adjustable telescopic handle rotates through 360 degrees and locks to suit individual forearm lengths.

The Gutter Crutch is constructed using a lightweight tubular aluminium stem and features a padded vinyl-covered gutter for maximum comfort.

Here are some of the advantages:

Reduced Axillary Pressure: 
Traditional underarm crutches can put pressure on the armpits (axillae), which can compress nerves and blood vessels, potentially causing crutch paralysis or other complications. Gutter crutches, on the other hand, transfer the weight down through the forearms, avoiding this issue.

Improved Stability and Balance: 
The design of gutter crutches provides a broader base of support, which can enhance stability and balance for the user. This is particularly beneficial for those with weaker hands or wrists, as the weight-bearing is spread over the forearm.

Enhanced Comfort: 
Gutter crutches typically have padded armrests that cradle the forearms, offering more comfort during prolonged use. This can reduce fatigue and discomfort for individuals who rely on crutches for most of their mobility.

Ergonomic Grip: 
The handles of gutter crutches are often designed ergonomically, which helps in maintaining a natural wrist position. This ergonomic design can prevent strain on the wrists, hands, and fingers, making them more comfortable for extended use.

Increased Independence:
For some individuals with limited hand and wrist strength, gutter crutches can make the difference between requiring assistance and moving independently. The improved support and comfort can also increase confidence when moving, which can encourage more activity.

Many gutter crutches offer adjustable height and armrest features, which means they can be tailored to the specific needs of the user, ensuring a better fit and more effective support.

Better for Long-term Use: 
Due to their design which reduces the risk of nerve damage and underarm discomfort, gutter crutches are often better suited for individuals who need crutches for an extended period.

Encourages Upright Posture: 
Gutter crutches encourage a more upright posture, which can prevent the slouching commonly associated with underarm crutches. This can also help in promoting better respiratory function and overall posture.

Gutter crutches can also be particularly beneficial in a rehabilitation setting where they may be provided on a short-term hire basis. This approach allows for several advantages:

Short-term hire is a cost-effective solution. It eliminates the need to outlay significant funds for a piece of equipment that may only be needed for a brief recovery period.

Customization for Recovery: 
As a you progresses through rehabilitation, you mobility requirements can change. Short-term hire allows for flexibility to switch devices as your strength and mobility improve, ensuring you always have the most appropriate level of support.

Professional Oversight: 
In a rehab setting, while under care of healthcare professionals can continuously monitor and adjust the gutter crutches to ensure optimal use. They can also provide immediate feedback and training on proper techniques, which is crucial for preventing secondary injuries and promoting correct posture and gait.

It is essential, however, that gutter crutches are properly fitted and that the user receives instruction on how to use them correctly to maximize their benefits. As with any mobility aid, it's important to consult with healthcare professionals to ensure that the choice of crutch is suitable for the individual's particular condition and mobility requirements.

In summary, the short-term hire of gutter crutches in a rehabilitation setting provides a flexible and cost-effective approach to mobility support. 


  • Aluminum adjustable height: floor to cuff 98cm - 123cm (25mm increments)
  • Adjustable length lockable hand grip to suit individual user forearm
  • Padded vinyl gutter with adjustable velcro forearm strap
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 127kg
SKU 15-0113
Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 300.000m
Shipping Height 1100.000m
Shipping Length 500.000m