A Gutter frame (Fore arm Walker) is used for several reasons, primarily by individuals who require walking assistance but cannot use standard walkers due to reduced hand and wrist strength. Here are the key reasons why one might use a gutter frame:

Wrist or Hand Weakness: 
Individuals with limited strength or grip in their hands and wrists may find gutter frames more comfortable because the forearm gutters allow the user to bear weight through their forearms instead of their hands.

Upper Body Support: 
The design of gutter frames provides support for those who need to lean on something with their arms while walking, which can be beneficial for people with overall lower body weakness.

Gutter frames can help in maintaining a more upright posture as compared to some other walkers. The forearm supports keep the arms in a natural position, which encourages better spinal alignment and reduces the tendency to hunch over.

Injury Rehabilitation: 
They are often used during rehabilitation after an upper-body injury where the hands or wrists cannot bear weight but the patient still needs to remain mobile.

Reduced Load on Lower Limbs: 
Like other walking frames, gutter frames help to redistribute weight from the lower limbs to the upper body, which can be helpful for people with lower limb injuries or conditions like arthritis.

Stability for Stroke Patients: 
For stroke survivors who may have one-sided weakness (hemiplegia), a gutter frame provides stability while allowing them to use their stronger arm to assist with mobility.

Enhanced Mobility: 
A gutter frame can improve mobility in those with reduced balance or endurance, giving them the confidence to walk further distances with less fatigue.

Recovery from Surgery: 
Post-surgical patients, especially those who have had procedures affecting their lower body, might use a gutter frame to aid in their recovery while minimizing the risk of falls.

Overall, gutter frames are a specialized type of mobility aid designed to accommodate specific needs that cannot be met by standard walkers, especially for users requiring additional arm support and those with compromised hand function. As with any mobility aid, it's important to get assessed by a healthcare professional to ensure that it's the right option for the individual’s situation


  • Gutter height: 93cm - 123cm
  • Base width front: 40cm
  • Base width rear: 60cm
  • Base depth: 63cm
  • Maximum user weight: 110kg
SKU 15-1002