The three-layered zoned design of this very high-risk pressure surface is ideal for patients with poor mobility or uncertain skin sensitivity. Made from premium materials, each foam layer is made of varying density to maximise the redistribution of pressure.

Top Layer

The topmost layer, a plush cover of high-quality memory foam, contours to the sleeper's body, providing immediate comfort and a sense of weightlessness. 

Second Layer (Middle Layer)

Beneath this, a denser, yet responsive second layer of foam acts as a transitional support, distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure points typically associated with traditional innerspring mattresses. This crucial middle layer serves to balance the softness of the top layer with the foundational firmness of the base, ensuring a mid-ground that accommodates a variety of sleeping positions. 

Third Layer (Bottom layer)

The bottom layer, composed of a firmer, high-density foam, grants durability and stability to the mattress, preventing sagging and extending the mattress's lifespan. 

Together, these three distinct layers work in unison to offer a sleep surface that adapts to the sleeper's movements, maintaining spinal alignment and promoting a night of uninterrupted sleep, essential for full body recovery and optimal health.

Hinged Strengthened Sides

This feature Increasees  lateral stability of support surface and Improves patient safety and encourages central patient positioning.
It make's patient transfers easier, and the unique hinge profile reduces foam fatigue and allow mattress to easily
conform to varied bed positions.

Key features:

  • Convoluted memory foam increases maximum user capacity to 160 kilograms in three-layer
  • Zoned design with a hinge to suit profiling bed multi-density foam layers for maximum strength and comfort
  • Protected by a cotton inner lining vapor permeable, bacteriostatically treated, fire retardant, and water resistant top cover four-way stretch cover material for enhanced anti-shear and anti-friction benefits waterfall skirt protect from moisture ingress
  • Welded and taped seams for infection control


  • Height 150mm
  • Max User weight 160kg

  • Width 865mm
  • Length 1960mm
    Euro King Single
  • Width 895mm
  • Length 1960mm
    King Single
  • Width 1050mm
  • Length 1960mm
SKU 60-131071