The comfortable, visually appealing Regia, a low-height homecare bed with split safety sides, protects against fall injuries without restricting mobility. It sets the highest standards in the field of beds for private customers and is also available as Libra partner in a practical double bed version.

Being a low-height bed with a large height adjustment range of 26 to 80 cm and optional split safety sides, it protects Regia residents from fall injuries without the use of liberty-depriving measures. This follows the philosophy of the Werdenfels approach not to restrict the freedom of those in need of care.

Safety Sides
The Regia's telescopic split safety side (TSG) is easy to raise without any effort. If only the head end is raised, the resident still has ample room to get in and out of bed. Optionally, you can equip the bed with safety sides at the head end only - being 110 cm long, these elements provide standard-compliant protection. The telescopic safety side (TSG) is easy to raise in two stages. Raised to the first level, it offers the resident orientation and is so discreet that the eye can wander unhindered into the room. The second level provides full protection. For a reassuring feeling of support and safety, it is also helpful to raise the bars to a diagonal position.

All elements of the telescopic safety side (TSG), as well as the side panels and headboard and footboard, can be attached and removed in just a few easy steps - this is made possible by the innovative Easy Switch system. In this way, the Regia adapts to every need and promotes the mobility of the person being cared for.

Key Features

  • Safe working load 225kg
  • Height adjustment range of 26cm to 80cm
  • Integrated 20cm bed extension for tall people
  • Tool-free installation of full-length safety side with Easy Click
  • Also available as a comfortable double bed version
  • Choice of finish for high quality bed





The following overview presents the technical data and equipment options for this model of bed. With a tailor-made configuration and visual design, and with suitable accessories, you can plan a bed that precisely matches your requirements and your home furnishings. Your area sales manager will be happy to inform you about all the options.

Regia Regia
Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions) in cm 90 x 200
Mattress base size Special widths in cm 100
External dimensions in cm 101 x 211
Bed extension in cm 20
Ground clearance in cm ca. 14.5
Safe working load in kg 225
Total weight in kg 135
Maximum weight of patient in kg ca. 215
Tilting to reverse-Trendelenburg position in ° 15
Mattress base height in cm (from - to) 26 - 80
Auto contour adjustment / Fowler position YES
Manual CPR release of the backrest YES
Electrically adjustable YES
24-volt drive concept with external transformer YES
SKU 12144