SleepSense is an innovative and cutting-edge bed sensor that revolutionizes the way we monitor sleep and ensure the well-being of individuals. Utilizing state-of-the-art high-precision sensors and advanced AI algorithm technology, SleepSense provides a comprehensive range of real-time information and features for enhanced care and monitoring:

1. In and out of bed status for timely intervention: SleepSense accurately detects whether a person is in or out of bed, allowing caregivers to promptly respond and provide assistance if needed. This feature is especially crucial for seniors or individuals who may be at risk of falls or medical emergencies.

2. Heart rate and breathing rate monitoring: By continuously tracking heart rate and breathing rate, SleepSense provides valuable insights into an individual's sleep quality and overall well-being. This information can be used to identify any irregularities or abnormalities that may require medical attention.

3 . Sleep assessment and report: SleepSense goes beyond mere monitoring and provides comprehensive sleep assessment and reports. It analyzes sleep patterns, duration, and quality, offering a deeper understanding of an individual's sleep health. This data can be invaluable for healthcare professionals, researchers, or individuals seeking to improve their sleep habits.

4 .Central monitoring and business dashboards: SleepSense offers a centralized monitoring system that allows healthcare facilities or businesses to keep track of multiple individuals simultaneously. With its intuitive and user-friendly business dashboards, administrators can access and manage data efficiently, enabling effective care coordination and informed decision-making.

5. In addition to these core features, SleepSense incorporates various notification and alert systems to ensure timely communication and intervention:

Caregiver alerts: SleepSense notifies caregivers or designated individuals when a senior is not in bed or if a potential health risk is detected. This proactive approach enables caregivers to intervene promptly and prevent accidents or emergencies.

6. Smartphone integration: Notifications and alerts can be sent directly to nominated smartphones, ensuring that caregivers can stay informed and take immediate action, even if they are not physically present.

7. Integration with nurse call systems: SleepSense seamlessly integrates with nurse call systems commonly used in healthcare facilities, enabling streamlined communication and immediate response to critical situations.

8. Integration with HSC Talius platform: SleepSense can be integrated with the HSC Talius platform, a comprehensive healthcare management system. This integration enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of overall care management by consolidating sleep data with other health information.

9. Despite its advanced capabilities, SleepSense remains remarkably unobtrusive, robust, and portable. It consists of a small pad that can be discreetly placed under the bed leg or wheel. This unique design ensures that SleepSense can accurately detect body movement and vital signs, regardless of the sleeper's position.

10. Unlike traditional bed mats, SleepSense offers the convenience of monitoring vital signs from a single device, barely larger than the size of your hand. This portability allows for easy installation and versatility in different settings, such as homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities, or other care environments.

In full, SleepSense represents a significant leap forward in sleep monitoring and care technology. With its precise sensors, AI algorithms, and comprehensive features, it empowers caregivers, healthcare professionals, and individuals themselves to promote healthier sleep patterns, prevent emergencies, and improve overall well-being.


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