The 5384 Kepler provides maximum protection for residents who have an increased risk of falling out of bed. Falls can lead to loss of independence, as well as having other negative implications for both the resident and the care facility.  This versatile low-height bed can be lowered to 23 cm* and raised to a stable working height of up to 80 cm* to ensure a safe and ergonomic working position

for caregivers. The bed's close proximity to the floor when at its lowest position can give residents who are prone to falls a greater feeling of safety and may also reduce the occurrence and severity of falls.


  • Electric foot tilt, comfort position
  • Underbed light
  • Foot Peddle to apply and release the brake, and Automatic brake function when lowered
  • Laying surface width 90cm
  • Safe working load 230kg
  • Built-in slide-away safety assist rails
  • The electric hand control unit
  • German Made - complies with all European & Australian Standards, TGA Listed


  • The lying surface height can be adjusted from 25cm to 80cm
  • Laying surface width: 90cm
  • Can be raised up to an angle of max 70°
  • The upper leg section of the lying surface can be raised up to an angle of max 45°
  • The Upper leg section can be moved manually to any position of max 16° angle by pulling on the mattress holder
  • The Anti-Trendelenburg and Trendelenburg position can be adjusted up to an angle of 14°
  • Safe working load: 230kg
SKU 17-0101
Brand Volker