The NEOS 150 Folding is a compact ergonomic designed medium-sized heavy-duty mobile patient lifting hoist with a safe working load of 155kg. This lifter is ideally suited as a compact and lightweight hoist in a home care environment. The NEOS 150 Folding whilst being compact provides superior patient space. The NEOS 150 Folding in fact offers more patient space than most other larger-size lifters. The swivel feature of the detachable yoke allows a patient to be rotated through 360° at full lift height, thus making the carer’s job easier and safer.

The NEOS 150 Folding lifting range allows patients to be lifted from the floor, bed, or chair with ease and safety. The NEOS 150 Folding is a powered unit using trusted industry-leading LINAK components, giving a safe working load (SWL) of 150kg.

Options available with the NEOS 150 Folding:

Standard spreader bar

Weighing device¹

The ALLEGRO CONCEPTS range of patient lifting equipment, including lifters, slings, and accessories, has been designed and tested to comply with AS ISO 10535 – 2011, (Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons – Requirements and test methods)

CAUTION – Weigh scale is not intended for clinical assessment


  • ITEM NO: 7107
  • MAX LOAD: 150
  • L – MAX: 165
  • L – MIN: 41
  • A - MAX: 185
  • A – MIN: 137
  • B: 129
  • B1: 95
  • C:61.5~96.5
  • D: 55~89
  • E: 121
  • F: 7.2
  • F1: 13.5
  • G: 44
  • H: 46
  • J: 123
  • NW: 35kg
  • Turning Radius: 135


SKU 21-0301