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Versatile in design and function, our Sertain HILO Care chair is a popular choice for many wards including intensive care units. The HILO function of the chair is a nurse's dream - allowing you to adjust the height of the chair to a position comfortable to assist the patient.

Features of Sertain Hilo Care Chair Standard

  • Electric 4 function (backrest, seat-tilt & leg-rest)
  • Auto lay flat and auto chair function
  • 2 position swing-away head wings
  • 2 position removable armrests
  • Standard removable armrests with no meal tray provision
  • Deluxe legrest including a fold-away footplate
  • Multicush pressure management seating system
  • Hi-low range: 550mm - 850mm



  • SWL: 60kg
  • Width: 520mm
  • Code: S4540D.S.NT.S.A - 9074


  • SWL: 300kg
  • Width: 620mm
  • Code: S4540D.LNT.S.A - 9074

Extra Large

  • SWL: 350kg
  • Width: 720mm
  • Code: S4540D.X.NT.C.A - 9074


SKU 11-0700