The Coopers Folding Walking frame with front wheels and rear skis is designed to support and enhance mobility for individuals with walking difficulties, offering a balanced blend of stability and maneuverability. The Coopers Frame configured with front wheels abd Rear skis is lightweight adjustable in heoght, and foldable for easy transport.

Here are the benefits:

Enhanced Mobility: 
Front wheels facilitate forward movement without the need to lift the frame, making walking smoother and less fatiguing for the user.

Stability and Safety: 
Rear skis provide a stable base that helps prevent the walker from tipping backwards, improving user confidence during movement.

Ease of Use on Varied Surfaces: 
The combination of wheels and skis allows for easier navigation across different types of flooring, from carpet to tile, as the skis reduce drag and snagging on less smooth surfaces.

Reduced Physical Strain: 
Since lifting the frame is not necessary with each step, this setup reduces strain on the arms, shoulders, and back, which is especially beneficial for those with limited upper body strength.

Controlled Movement: 
The skis help to control the speed and prevent the frame from moving too quickly, which can be particularly important for users who require a slower pace due to balance or strength issues.

Improved Posture: 
By maintaining continuous contact with the ground, the walker encourages an upright posture, reducing the tendency to hunch over that sometimes occurs with walkers that must be lifted.

Slower Pace for Rehabilitation: 
For individuals in slow-stream rehabilitation, the walking frame with front wheels and rear skis is ideal because it encourages a controlled and deliberate walking pace, which can be important for those relearning gait patterns or recovering from injury.

Easy Maneuverability: 
The front wheels allow for easier turning and navigation around corners and furniture, which can make moving through tight spaces less challenging.

Increased Independence: 
This type of frame can boost the confidence of users to move independently without assistance, fostering greater self-reliance.

Customizable Support: 
Many such walkers are adjustable in height and the wheels can sometimes be locked, allowing for customization based on the individual's progress and abilities.

Reduced Risk of Falls: 
The skis at the back can also prevent the walker from jerking or stopping suddenly, which can reduce the risk of stumbles or falls.

Overall, a Coopers Walking frame with front wheels and rear skis is designed to support individuals who have mobility challenges but still retain some walking ability. It’s an adaptive device that combines support with a degree of independence, suitable for various rehabilitation stages and daily living activities.

It is important for the user or caregiver to check that the wheels and skis are in good working order regularly to maintain safety and functionality. Regular maintenance ensures that the benefits of the walking frame are maximized. Consulting with a healthcare professional can ensure that the Copers Walking Frame with Front wheels and Rear Glides is used correctly and safely.

NOTE: The frame is classified for indoor use or environments with smooth flat surfaces. Front wheels & rear skis are optional to allow user to push the frame rather than lift it.


  • Approximate user height
    • Small: 5'0" - 5'5"
    • Medium: 5'3" - 5'8"
    • Large: 5'8" - 6'1"
  • Max user weight: 127kg


SKU P-12184