HipSaver QuickChange gives you all the features and benefits of HipSaver Nursing Home with a "snap-down" front crotch panel that allows incontinence pad/liner changes, all without having to pull the brief down. Simply unsnap the crotch panel, shift the QuickChange up on the patient's waist, change the pad, liner or diaper, shift back into position and fasten the two crotch panel snaps. Perfect for changing residents, even while they are standing.

  • Snap-down panel enables quick pad/liner change without having to pull briefs down
  • Pads and liners can be changed easily while wearer is standing or lying down
  • Easy two-snap front-panel design reduces labour
  • Low profile, fabric covered snaps for ease and comfort
  • Available with tailbone protection

Like all HipSaver(r) models, the garment and pads are laundry safe for washing and drying at up to 120degC.


Hip Measurement

  • Extra Small: 70cm to 81cm
  • Small: 82cm to 92cm
  • Medium: 93cm to 102cm
  • Large: 103cm to 114cm
  • Extra Large: 115cm to 127cm
  • XX Large: 128cm to 146cm


SKU P-12022