A bathtub transfer bench, often referred to as a bath transfer bench or bath seat, is a mobility aid designed to help individuals with limited mobility, balance issues, or physical disabilities when getting in and out of a bathtub or shower. 

Here are the benefits of using a bathtub transfer bench:

Enhanced Safety: 
The primary benefit of a bathtub transfer bench is improved safety during transfers into and out of the bathtub or shower. These benches provide a stable and secure seating surface, reducing the risk of slips, falls, and accidents.

Increased Independence: 
Bath transfer benches enable individuals to maintain a higher degree of independence in their daily bathing routine. Users can sit down comfortably and with a hand held shower,  bathe themselves without relying heavily on caregivers or family members.

Comfortable Bathing: 
Most transfer benches come with a comfortable and sturdy seat, making bathing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for users. This can be especially important for elderly individuals or those recovering from surgery.

Reduced Physical Strain: 
Using a transfer bench minimizes the physical effort required to step over the bathtub's high rim, which can be challenging for individuals with limited mobility or strength. This reduces strain on muscles and joints.

Extended Bathing Options: 
For individuals who might otherwise avoid bathing due to mobility issues, a transfer bench opens up the possibility of using a bath, promoting better hygiene and overall well-being.

Transfer benches are adjustable in height , making them suitable for various bathtub sizes and users. This adaptability ensures a better fit and greater comfort.

Easy Installation: 
Bath transfer benches are typically easy to install and do not require major bathroom renovations. They are designed to fit securely over  the edge of the bathtub, sitting "half in, and half out" 
and  have rubberized feet and suction cups for added stability.

Hygiene Maintenance: 
With the help of a transfer bench, individuals can access and clean hard-to-reach areas of their body more effectively, which is crucial for maintaining good hygiene.

Dignity and Privacy: 
Transfer benches allow users to maintain their dignity and privacy during bathing as they can bathe independently or with minimal assistance, fostering a sense of self-sufficiency.

Cost-Effective Solution: 
Compared to more extensive bathroom modifications or the installation of specialized accessible equipment like walk-in tubs, transfer benches offer a cost-effective solution for improving bathroom accessibility.

Reduced Risk of Falling: 
By providing a stable platform for transfers, transfer benches significantly reduce the risk of falling, which is especially important for individuals with balance issues or a history of falls.

Aid in Rehabilitation:
Transfer benches can be valuable tools in post-operative or rehabilitation settings, allowing individuals to safely regain their bathing independence as they recover.

In summary, bathtub transfer benches offer a wide range of benefits, including enhanced safety, increased independence, and improved comfort during bathing. They are versatile, easy to install, and can be an affordable solution for individuals with mobility challenges, elderly individuals, and those recovering from surgery or injury. Properly using a transfer bench and following safety guidelines can help individuals maintain their bathing routines with confidence and reduced risk of accidents.



  • Height adjustable seat: 43cm - 56cm (25mm increments)
  • Seat dimension: width 66cm / depth 37cm
  • Built-in dish and hand-held shower slot for user convenience
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 227kg
SKU 10-0401B
Shipping Weight 16.0000kg
Shipping Width 700.000m
Shipping Height 450.000m
Shipping Length 400.000m