Mini Mack Rollator A-Frame is designed to assist and improve the independence and mobility of the heavier user. 

There are many features for Mini Mack Rollator that make them a perfect choice for a wide range of needs. These rollators can be a long term solution for you, or if you have a temporary injury and need some support while you recover you can Hire the Mini Mack Rollator.

A rollator has many features, They handlebars are height adjustable, it is standard with a large basket for carrying your shopping, and it has a comfortable seat if you need to take a seat.

Mini Mack Rollator is a four-wheel walker with a lower seat than normal with a weight capacity of 150 kg.

Constructed for durability from heavy-duty aluminum, it has a removable padded backrest and fast release pins. Handles are ergonomically built & the handbrakes can be locked for stability.



 Mini Mack Rollator

  • Maximum user weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Product weight: 9 kg
  • 4 x Solid 8" wheels
  • Adjustable Handle Height: 74 cm - 85 cm (25 mm Increments)
  • Seat Height: 49 cm Seat Width: 42 cm Seat Depth: 32 cm
  • Width between handgrips: 52 cm
  • Overall width: 62 cm
  • Detachable folding curved padded backrest
SKU 15-0406M