The Vicair Adjuster O2 is extremely suitable for use with asymmetric body contours and amputations. It automatically manages small obliquities and is individually adjustable to support more extreme asymmetry When you’re looking for a high comfort level, optimal skin protection, and stability; the Adjuster O2 is always a safe choice. The design allows total immersion to equally redistribute pressure and prevents sliding forward. 100% machine washable and breathable, for optimal hygiene and perfect temperature and moisture regulation. As a result, the Vicair Adjuster O2 offers you optimal protection against skin breakdown.

-Minimizes sliding and shear forces
-Optimal adjustment to the body’s contours for equal pressure distribution

-Ergonomically shaped cover for better envelopment and immersion
-Air transmission and heat dissipation -Machine washable -Vicair® Incotec Cushion Cover (supplied on hire cushions) -Usable in all situations where incontinence and hygiene are an issue

-Fluid and incontinence resistant
-extremely usable for institutional and home use
-Machine washable


Height: 10cm
SWL: 250kg
ARTG: 301301
Inner Cover: 24 months | SmartCells: Lifetime | Outer Cover: No warranty
Cover Descriptions
Vicair® Top Cushion Cover (Qty 2)
Ideal to help manage one of the main causes of pressure sores
Standard cover for the Vicair® O2 cushions
Open bottom allows the cushion to breathe continuously
Optimal ventilation and comfort
Machine washable
Vicair® Comfair Cushion Cover
Made out of multi-dimensional stretch material

SKU 60-OAD10-TP-4000
Shipping Weight 1.9000kg