The Vicair Vector O2 cushion offers enhanced stability to the wheelchair user.  This results in improved functionality of the upper body and expands the reach of the user’s arms.  The cushion’s unique compartment layout reduces pressure in the vulnerable area around the sitting bones and tailbone.  The Vector O2 provides excellent leg guidance, optimal skin protection and extra pelvic stability. This model is standard with 2 Top Covers

Cover Descriptions:
-Vicair® Top Cushion Cover (Qty 2)
-Ideal to help manage one of the main causes of pressure sores
-Standard cover for the Vicair® O2 cushions
-Open bottom allows the cushion to breathe continuously
Optimal ventilation and comfort
-Machine washable

-Vicair® Comfair Cushion Cover
-Made out of multi-dimensional stretch material
-Ergonomically shaped cover for better envelopment and immersion
-Air transmission and heat dissipation
-Machine washable
-Vicair® Incotec Cushion Cover (supplied on hire cushions)
-Usable in all situations where incontinence and hygiene is an issue
-Fluid and incontinence resistant
-Extremely usable for institutional and home use
-Machine washable


The cushion is 100% machine washable and breathable, for optimal hygiene, perfect temperature, and
moisture regulation.
 Optimal temperature and moisture regulation
Fully machine washable
 Expanding the user’s reach
 Nine adjustable compartments for maximum stability
 Extra positioning of the thighs
Height: 10cm
 SWL: 250kg

SKU 60-OAD10-TP-4000V
Shipping Weight 1.9000kg