A height-adjustable padded leg rest or footrest is a versatile piece of equipment designed to enhance comfort and promote better leg circulation for individuals who spend extended periods sitting. These leg rests are thoughtfully engineered to provide an elevated and angled platform for the legs, thereby alleviating discomfort and offering added support.

One of the key benefits of leg rests or footrests is their ability to significantly improve blood circulation in the legs. When sitting for extended durations, especially in situations where one cannot easily change positions, the blood flow to the lower limbs can become compromised. This can lead to feelings of fatigue, numbness, and discomfort. However, by using a leg rest or footrest, individuals can elevate their legs to a position that encourages healthier blood circulation. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of conditions like deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and leg swelling.

Moreover, leg rests and footrests are particularly valuable for people with various medical conditions or mobility issues that require them to remain seated for extended periods. Individuals with conditions such as arthritis, edema, or chronic pain often find these devices indispensable. The angled design of the leg rest or footrest ensures that the legs are comfortably supported, reducing strain on the muscles and joints. This added support not only enhances comfort but also aids in reducing the potential for stiffness or pain associated with prolonged sitting.

In summary, height-adjustable padded leg rests and footrests are essential tools for promoting comfort and maintaining healthy leg circulation, especially for individuals who need to sit for extended periods due to various medical conditions or circumstances. These well-designed devices provide a comfortable and ergonomic solution to support the legs while seated, contributing to an improved overall sitting experience and well-being.


  • Overall length: 66cm
  • Overall width: 42cm
  • Overall lengthof upholstered cushion: 51cm
  • Overall width of upholstered cushion: 46cm
  • Height adjustable: 46cm – 56cm
SKU 11-0201
Shipping Width 650.000m
Shipping Height 650.000m
Shipping Length 500.000m