This Height-Adjustable Mid Back Kaufman Chair offers greater lumbar support than a Kingston chair due to the increased backrest height. Postoperatively it is ideal to be utilized in all rooms of the household. For example, you can sit on it in the lounge room while watching TV, takes meals on it in the dining room or kitchen, and sit on it in the bedroom when getting changed.

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Curved backrest for sitting comfort
  • Straight Backrest suitable for use with wearable back support
  • Flat seat ideal for post Hip surgery
  • Wide padded armrests

The Height-Adjustable Mid Back Kaufman Chair serves as a versatile seating solution for both short-term post-operative rehabilitation and long-term lounge room use.Here's how it offers benefits for both scenarios:

For Short-Term Hire in Post-Operative Rehabilitation:

Immediate Comfort:
The Mid Back Kaufman Chair provides immediate comfort and support to post-operative patients during their rehabilitation phase. Its mid-back design offers essential lumbar support, which is often crucial for individuals recovering from surgery.

Adjustable Height for Adaptability
The chair's height-adjustable feature allows for easy customization to ensure that no undue pressure is placed on a new joint during their rehabilitation. It ensures that the chair is accommodating and adaptable during the different stages of recovery.

Sturdy and Durable:
Designed with durability in mind, the chair is ideal for short-term home rehabilitation use without compromising its functionality or support. It provides a reliable and stable seating option for patients during their recovery.

Hygienic and Easy to Clean:
The chair's in our hire fleet are upholstered materials are often easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining a hygienic environment in post-operative care settings. Regular cleaning ensures a clean and sanitary space for patients.

Psychological Comfort:
The Mid Back Kaufman Chair offers psychological comfort by providing a comfortable and familiar seating option for patients during their rehabilitation. It contributes to a sense of well-being and relaxation during the recovery process.

For Long-Term Lounge Room Use:

Continued Comfort:
After the initial short-term rehabilitation phase, the chair remains a comfortable and supportive seating option for long-term use in the lounge room. Its mid-back design offers ongoing lumbar support for everyday relaxation.

Stylish and Versatile:
The chair's sleek and versatile design continues to enhance the lounge room's aesthetics, making it a stylish addition that complements various decor styles. It seamlessly integrates into the long-term living space.

Adaptability for Different Activities:
Whether reading, watching TV, or engaging in other activities, the Mid Back Kaufman Chair remains a versatile seating choice for different needs in the lounge room.

Adjustable Height for Customization:
The chair's height-adjustable feature ensures that users can continue to customize their seating position, maintaining comfort as preferences change over time.

Durability for Longevity:
Designed with durability in mind, the chair is built to withstand long-term use without compromising comfort or support. It provides a reliable and enduring seating option for years to come.

In summary, the Height-Adjustable Mid  Back Kaufman Chair serves a dual purpose by offering immediate comfort and support during short-term post-operative rehabilitation while also providing ongoing comfort and versatility for long-term use in the lounge room. Its adjustable features, durability, ease of maintenance, and psychological comfort make it a valuable seating choice for both scenarios.


  • Seat height: 46cm - 58cm (25mm increments)
  • Seat: width 45cm / depth 50cm
  • Width between arms: 46cm
  • Backrest height: 47cm
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 350kg
SKU P-12119