A Height-Adjustable Extra Wide (65cm) Kingston Bridge Chair offers many benefits for post-operative use, making it a valuable piece of furniture for individuals recovering from surgery.

Features :

  • Adjustable seat height
  • Curved backrest for sitting comfort
  • Correctly positioned backrest gives Lumbar support
  • Flat seat ideal for post Hip surgery
  • Wide padded armrests


Customized Comfort: 
The height-adjustable feature allows users to tailor the chair's height to their specific needs, ensuring optimal comfort and support during the post-operative recovery period. This customization helps prevent strain on the body and promotes proper posture, which is crucial for a swift and comfortable recovery.

Enhanced Mobility: 
Kingston Bridge Chairs often come with wheels or casters, making it easier for post-operative patients to move around without exerting themselves excessively. This mobility aids in reducing the risk of complications associated with prolonged immobility, such as blood clots or pressure sores.

Support and Stability:
These chairs typically provide sturdy support and stability, making it easier for individuals to transfer in and out of the chair without putting excessive stress on surgical incisions or weakened muscles. The bridge design often includes armrests, further assisting patients in maintaining balance and stability.

Reduced Strain on Surgical Sites: 
The adjustable height feature ensures that the patient's surgical site is at the appropriate level when sitting, minimizing strain and discomfort. This is particularly important for surgeries that involve the knee, hips, or back, as incorrect seating positions can impede the healing process.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance: 
Kingston Bridge Chairs are often designed with easy-to-clean vinyl materials, which is crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment during the recovery period. This feature helps prevent the risk of infection and ensures a safe and sanitary space for post-operative care.

These chairs are versatile and can be used in various rooms within the home, such as the bedroom for changing, living room for watching TV, or even in the kitchen for taking meals. This versatility ensures that patients have a comfortable and supportive seating option wherever they need it during their recovery.

Psychological Comfort: 
The familiarity and comfort of a well-designed chair can provide psychological support during the post-operative phase. Knowing that there's a specially designed chair for their needs can help patients feel more at ease and confident in their recovery journey.

Long-Term Use: 
While initially intended for post-operative recovery, Kingston Bridge Chairs can continue to be useful long after recovery is complete. Their adjustability and comfort make them suitable for everyday use, making them a practical and long-lasting addition to the home.

In summary, a Height-Adjustable Kingston Bridge Chair offers a range of benefits for post-operative use, including customized comfort, enhanced mobility, support and stability, reduced strain on surgical sites, ease of cleaning, versatility, psychological comfort, and the potential for long-term use. These chairs can significantly contribute to a smoother and more comfortable recovery process for individuals after surgery.



  • Seat height: 46cm - 59cm (25mm increments)
  • Seat width: 65cm
  • Seat depth: 45cm
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 400kg
SKU 11-0104B
Shipping Weight 15.0000kg
Shipping Width 680.000m
Shipping Height 900.000m
Shipping Length 280.000m